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The first thing we did  was to take the frame to Ross to clean up some of the welds and make a few changes to streamline things a bit yet we'll keep the same basic design that Jason had begun. This will be done in two or three stages.

Once we have the basic frame tweaked the way we want it, then we'll refit a larger rear wheel, tire, and fender under that sissy bar. Jason had a very narrow 18" rear tire for some reason so we're lacing up an 18x3.5 chrome rim with stainless spokes to fit to a 130/80x18 tire. We might have gone a little wider but there's limited room in that hardtail area.

Then we're removing those bulky conversion fittings from the oil tank so we can use the standard braided stainless lines.

We disassembled the springer and have sent all the pieces to our plater in California for replating. The covers and such will follow shortly after. Dean has decided on a deep midnight blue with some mild artwork that he and I are hashing over right now. We're keeping it very tasteful, not flashy or gaudy.

We're lacing on a new front 21x1.85 rim with a 80/90x21 front tire.

Exhaust will be new drag pipes.

Stay tuned... this ones gonna be stealth, stunning, and streamlined all in one.

The pics below show phase one from the the frame shop.  Obviously we've removed the raised down tube and neck section that was there and replaced it with a pair of narrow front down tubes. Then blended them into the rear of the stock neck area.

We wanted to leave a larger gusset over the motor area as that seemed to be a signature design of Jasons.  Most of his last builds include that gusseting to fill the open area over the motor. We've taken it one step further and put a flowing sort of arc to the edge of it.

The lower rear frame support where the factory had the lugs to mount the center stand has always been an eyesore, so it was cut out and a smooth tube welded in place . Ross then trimmed up the back side of the rear motor mount area and capped those tubes . He replaced the flat rear peg mounts with counter sunk bungs to mount the pegs to. He then boxed the rear caliper mount for strength as well as appearance..

The frame is at the sand blaster and  we'll start molding it tomorrow. Then back to have the larger rear fender and sissy bar fitted and then paint.

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