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Featured in Street Chopper, January 1981
Fan Dancer

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If You're into radical pieces you're sure to get off on Tom Summers latest creation. Actually it isn't his latest as we shot it back in march during Daytona Speed Week. No matter, I doubt this thing would look out of date no matter how long we sat on the feature. At any rate "Fan Dancer" as Tom has titled his one of a kind Honda is surely to stir the blood of those into the exotica and bring the Lowriders by Summers shop into the custom builder limelight.

Tom is the owner of Lowriders by Summers located in downtown Minneapolis. His is also the sole operator of the shop, which opens in the afternoon and remains open until late in the evening. Tom spends his days as the manager of one of the local body shops and his ability and imagination with bodywork is apparent in his two/wheeled creation.

Starting with a stock '76 750 Honda, Tom tossed nearly everything but the engine and the electrics into the dumpster. The engine was stripped and virtually every visible component was sent over to Custom Metal Finishing and Brown's Plating for the brilliant chrome and gold work. While, the engine sat in the tanks, Tom and Mark Swanbery went to work on what started as a rigid frame from SB&F. First the rake was increased to 60 degrees and then Mark fabricated the Drop Top Tube.

At the same time Mark also fabricated the fuel tank which sits in place of the stock oil bag under the seat. In place of the gas tank we find a unique dash panel with built in tach. The dash was fabricated by Alan Speer. So, where's the oil? It' s in the aluminum wing shaped spoiler mounted in front of the engine. The tank and mounts were fabricated by Ross Noard for Summers. The chassis is finished off at the rear with a Ness fender asssembly which was modified and installed by Summers.

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Beneath the molded in rear fender Tom mounted an 18" alloy rim to the stock Honda hub. The hub and brake assembly were machined prior to plating. Up front one of Hallcraft's popular rims and disc brake assemblies nestles between the legs of a 6" extended Honda front end. The mirror mount and bars were both ordered from Ness. You should also notice that the legs were machined and heavily engraved by L. R. Fliger prior to assembly. Forks are given added touch of suspension with air conversion. With the chassis complete Tom was ready to mount the hefty 836cc engine.

Bill Hoh went completely through the engine installing the big jugs, ARD magneto, and Barnett clutch. As you can see the chrome and polished finish adds much to the hexed cylinder and head. All of the gold plating work was entrusted to Brown's Plating in Kentucky. Once Tom had jockied the engine into place a set of Santee headers were modified slightly and slipped into place. Steel lines and wiring were fit at Summers and the bike was ready for a test run. Naturally there were those little adjustments to be made but fortunately Tom had chosen to let the paint go until everything was perfect. Satisfied she was ready to shoot, Tom stripped the bike to the bare frame and personally applied the numerous coats of green, yellow, blue and green candy lacquer. The lettering is from DJ Eckel.

By the time Tom got the bike back together it was Daytona fever and what better place to display your latest wares. It seems that a shop really makes a place for itself by coming up with some really radical piece. From there they can build whatever they wish but most of the big names have come up by creating something you wouldn't want to let out of your living room. That being the case I'd say "Lowriders By Summers" is well on its way. For any further information on "Fan Dancer" or the accessories found on it contact: Lowriders by Summers, 628 F. Lake St., Dept. S/C, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407.

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