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Featured in Street Chopper, April 1980
Sparky's Trike

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So you go out and got yourself into one hell of an accident and the only thing the Dr. figuers he can do for your hod is to remove one othe the legs. Bummer, but if you're anything like Mark "Sparky" Wachlin from Austin, Minnesota you'll bounce right back by having the "local" build you a sano three wheeler.

Yes, it was a drag for Mark when he wentdown in '77 and to many, the lost leg would have meant the end of their puttin' buy not Mark. He contacted Tom summers of Low riders by Summers in Minneapolis and had them put up the sanitary Honda pow-ered trike you see here.

The Summers shop modified a SB&F frame to accept a Servi-Car rear section and axle assembly. Next a Corbin Gentry body was widened and set on Z-1 shocks. Also at the rear Summes mounted a piar of Crager wheels. In the engine compartment we find a stock 750 with Finch electric box, SB&F oil tank and cut off Drag Spec headers. The engine feeds from a SB&F tank which along with the frame and body was sprayed by Tom and lettered and srtiped by D.J. Eckel. Up front Tom mounted one of SB&F's springers and an 18" Invader rim.

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