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David wanted to use his 1974 CB750 Honda and didn't want to break the bank. So we came up with this swing arm to fit a DNA rear end to his stock frame. We fabbed up this swing arm and rear master mount. The master bracket for Davids application will be welded on because he has already cut the rear peg brackets off. Also he has forward controls on his bike as well. For a standard 750 frame.. this bracket would bolt on to the right rear foot peg bracket and the linkage would go to a stock brake pedal.

These are made as a custom, one off, part designed for each application. The pictures shown below are using a standard 750 frame as a mock up to illustrate how it fits. We can just make the swing arm for you.. or we can do the whole turn key conversion for you much cheaper and easier than changing the whole frame. We can do this for most any application or make of bike you have. Doing it this way keeps the shock absorber suspension, rather than the more common rigid frames.

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