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C&G Honda CB750 Rigid
This is a project I'm doing that is basically another resurrection of a 750 thats already been done a few years back. I did a little horse trading with Stephe Marshall in Boston for what you see in these first pictures.

Stephe had taken this bike in trade from a customer in hopes of having a good start of a project for himself. After he got it,.... he really wasn't that impressed with what it was and decided to build his own from the ground up. After we haggled a bit back and forth..., Stephe plastic wrapped all the parts to a pallet and shipped it to me over here in the great white north.

It came to me with a basic C&G rigid frame with a Santee gas tank welded in place. A 6 inch flat rear fender has been welded in place with arced supports. 19" 5 spoke Invader in front. 16" 5 spoke invader in the rear with an HD drum on the left side. The tires are the 70s style narrower size, so I think I'll use them to keep the older style flavor of the bike. I put on a chromed mid 70s Honda front end with 6" Forks by Frank for now.. with one of trees and  T-bars.. Santee hex type oil tank still has the sticker on it. I had a LePera Bare Bones here that looks to fit like a glove,,.. It came with a decent set of pods, so I'll probably use them and make a top cover for them. It also came with a set of chrome forwards I'll probably change a bit and use.

I had some spacers machined for now, to center the rear wheel, as it was offset to the left some. I stacked a few spacers on the right side.. but, I'll have a one piece one machined that will taper and blend into the hub. Next.. I need to center the rear fender. Anchor the rear brake properly. Change the frame to allow battery access under the seat and remount the oil tank properly. I'm going to change the small petcock bungs in the gas tank, so I can use the larger HD type petcocks. Mount the seat and probably mold it a bit to flow with the frame.

I plan to pretty much straighten out whats there and add some paint and chrome to finish it. I've got a set of used Drag Pipes that Bill Mapp gave me, that I'll probably use.

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