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200 Cycle One Honda Rigid
This is another project I started sometime ago. My plans are to maybe make this one a keeper. A long and lean daily rider, but we know how that goes. When someone comes along and really has to have something, well, I can be had.  :-) 

I did some horse trading with Red from Cycle One and ended up with one of his primo 200 rigid frames . I came out the winner on that horse trade. I love Red and Kates frames. Good style, good quality, Good fit, and now US made. Formerly in Regina, Saskatchewan, they are now located in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. Up until now on this project, I've just been gathering parts as they come along . Nothing fabbed up or permanent yet. I've started with this stretch Fat Bob style tank, but that may change once I see what I come with for fender. I Set a late model Sporty tank on there just for reference. I really don't plan on using it. I've used too many of them as it is. They've been done to death so we'll see what I come up with a little later.

So Far... 

  • Started with a 200 Series rigid frame from Cycle One Manufacturing.
  • Drag Specialties stretched tank.
  • Did a little horse trading with my Friend Angelo for the oil tank. Neither can figure out what it is, but it sure seems to feel at home on this one.
  • Stock Honda 750 SOHC motor.
  • 180x16 Rear tire.. (for now, probably a 200 before we're done)
  • 16x5.5 rim laced to a Harley rear hub with Harley brakes and rotor.
  • Stock 19" CB 750 front wheel temporarily for mock up.
  • Chromed Billet Triple Trees
  • 10 over fork tubes using 2006 Harley FLH lowers and suspension. These ride much better than the earlier HD dampening systems.
  • Dual calipers from a 2006 FLH.
  • Tiller handlebars using Eddie Trotta billet grips.
  • 4/2 used megaphone exhaust. Leaving them long for now, but probably will shorten them up before we're done. However, I'm thinking maybe notch them and tip them up to match the angle of the lower frame rail. Off to the plater after I make that decision.

Yet to come... 

  • 19" dual disc wide glide front wheel using chrome rotors.
  • Pretty liberal bath of chrome as usual.
  • Probably some more flames.. also... as usual..lol

Other than that who knows what will come my way. Tank, fender, tail light and seat, ..???  Still undecided. Stay tuned to see.

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