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I  plan on keeping this one for myself, but .. who knows..?? Its based on an NOS Brothers Custom Engineering rigid frame from the late 70s. BCE was a short lived Minneapolis frame builder back then that made good quality frames and some accesories. I used a few of their frame until Smith Bros. and Fetrow came out with their Multi-Frame for the jap bikes. After that I used SB&F frames whenever I could.

So far.....

  • BCE rigid frame with the top tube dropped and the rake extended by Ross .
  • Kawasaki J model forks with Tokiko dual disc calipers.
  • 19" wheel for now.
  • BCE digger style handlebars.
  • Custom Billet triple trees by Ross Noard.
  • Stretched Sportster style gas tank with a dropped tunnel added.
  • 9" West Coast Choppers rear fender..
  • Small rectangle headlite.
  • 200x16 Bridgestone rear tire..
  • 16x6 rear rim laced to an HD front hub with single flange for single disc. This was done to make way for a Sprotor brake setup later.. 
*YET TO COME.....*
  • Space rear wheel and fab Sprotor setup.
  • Side mount light and tag mount.
  • Moon oil tank.
  • 4/2 exhaust.
  • Lotsa flames ... of course.... 
However .. it will be low.. lean and mean ... :-)

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