"Blondie: Goodwill Ambassodor and Shop Fixture"
"Lazing in the RV"
"Patrolling the Shop"
Late February of 2003 I was forced to make the decision we never want to make about our pets. Sam, my 10 year old Rotweiler, was suffering her second round of the Big C. 14 months earlier I had gone through the crisis of getting it cleared out throughout her stoamch area and all seemed well. But, it returned and was really bothering her hips and stomach area. I couldn't put her through any more of this.

Over the following weeks I wasn't sure if I wanted to look forward to this loss thing again with another dog, But.....

A couple weeks had gone by when I got a call from my best bud Russ. He was at the Animal Humane Society and was walking a dog he thought I'd be interested in. I couldn't leave right away as I had a customer due at the shop so Russ sat and waited with this dog for an hour and a half! He was afraid if he let them put here back in her kennel someone else would buy her for sure. When I got there I found them sitting on a bench in the walk area  and went in and sat with them. Blondie came up and jumped up next to me on the bench and that was all it took, LOL. Blondie came home with me that day thanks to Russ. Not only did he find Blondie but he paid for her adoption too!!!

Blondie is like  the dog on crack! She has never ending enrgy and enthusiasm and she expects you to be the same. Hyper and attention demanding that she is, she has the largest heart in the world. Blondie knows the precise moment that I feel down, depressed, or just plain in the dumps. Shes right there with her little licks to tell me "Who loves ya daddy !!". She's unbelievable.

"The Happytail"
"Snoozing on HER Couch"
"A Visit from Ruby"
"Getting Some Attention"
As a result of her energetic nature, Blondie ended up with a bad case of "happy tail" during Christmas time of 2007. This came from constant wagging and beating of her tail which caused it to get open sores. We tried bandaging and treating this for 6 months but finally I caved to the vets suggestion they amputate her tail. Blondie now has a short stump instead of a tail and it easily stays out of harms way. Dr. Gardiner of Banfield Clinic in Richfield did an outstanding job. Blondie gets really excited when we pull into their parking lot for a checkup. Dr. Gardiner is the best, and I can't  tell you enough about how good the Banfield Clinics are.

If you have the chance, you need to stop by the shop just to meet Blondie,
if for nothing else. An experience that will live with you forever.

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