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Featured in Street Chopper Hot Bike, Feb 1984
Heavy Breathing

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Details include engraving by Potts as well as sunken allen head bolts and even stainless steel ignition wires.
Heavily plated with chrome and gold by Brown's Plating,the mill is as much a work of art as it is mechanical.

Tom Summers is one of those big, corn-fed Minneapolis guys who busies himself as a bouncer but when he isn't adjusting arm sockets or bouncin' pool balls off unruley patron's heads, Tom builds "lowriders"-cycles that is. Back about three years ago, Tom picked up a relatively stock '76 CB 750 Four at a good price and started out on his own personal project to be used both as a ride and as advertisement for "Lowriders By Summers." In his head, he already had the plans for a killer motor combined with an equally radical chassis.

With the help of ace metal fabricator Ross Noard, Tom started in on the building of a truly one-off frame featuring relocated shock...

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...mounts for the SB & F spring/struts hooking up to a Kawasaki swingarm. This part of the rear chassis, featuring anodizing, gold and chrome plating by Browns Plating, (it even has a gold plated chain), is the only original part of stock frame. Up front, Ross created a single downtuhe with an integral oil tank as well.

Ross also fabricated the aluminum triple tree with an integral brake line T, then also turned down the lower legs on the air forks. Other fork goodies include the Lowrider' s aluminum tender, gold spokes and engraving by Jeremy Potts. Tom applied the House of Kolor lacquer paints, using seven shades and art by D. J. Eckel to create the final finish.

Enginewise, the 1976 mill was treated to an R.C. Engineering 836 cc big bore kit, counter sunk allen bolts, chromed cases, hexed head and cylinder, ARD magneto, Barnett clutch and a Rajay turbo with plumbing by Noard. Final details include a leather seat by Keith Nybo, dual Hallcraft discs with 200 holes each, and a Drag Specialties headlamp, also engraved by Potts. For his efforts, Tom knocked them dead at the Rat's Hole Show in Daytona Beach last year, and as you might have guessed, Heavy Breathing is apart right now in pre-paration for Daytona.

Turned down Honda hub.18x 6 alIoy rimwas anodized then engraved with "Lowrider By Summers. Struts are Smith Bros. & Fetrow product. Tom drilled four hundred holes in the dual disc brakes.

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