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Featured in Custom Bike, February 1977

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A little bit of that long and low styling found its way into the building of this Minnesota street digger.

A few years ago, serious motorcycle drag racers discovered the hot setup for getting a high horsepower machine down the 1320 was to fabricate a frame with no suspension, save the front end, and get all of the weight right down on the ground. Drag racers didn't invent the rigid frame, we al-ready had that years ago. What they did bring along was a whole new modification to the rigid which is com-monly called the "digger." 

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Several companies like Brothers Custom Engineering now specialize in the fabrication of a digger frame for both street and drag use. Tom Sum-mers' bike was built around one of BCE's frames which is not only low, but features a whopping 45-degree rake in the neck. On a closer look you might notice that Tom's frame also features a single down tube for cleaner lines and even more needed ground clearance.

The whole idea and styling behind the construction of the bike was to keep things as clean as possible from the six-over Smith Bros. & Fetrow girder to the Ness rear fender. Inci-dentally if those fender rails look a little familiar, they happen to he Smith Bros. fender struts for a swingarm Harley modified to fit onto a rigid frame. Besides being clean, they are plenty strong enough to keep the load off of the 15-inch Hallcraft wheel and radial tire.

Molding and paint are the handi-work of the owner, while the services of D.J. Eckel were called upon to lay some green and yellow striping around that Paughco fuel tank.
After spending the better part of a Minnesota winter building the bike, Tom decided just to leave the engine stock except for some chrome work, custom air box and Fubar pipes. The "Book" of Minneapolis fashioned a set of aircraft lines from the engine to the Santee oil bag for improved looks and ease of mind.

Other accessories on Tom Summers' bike include 18-inch Hallcraft wheel with mini disc, B.C.E. bars, VDO speedo and Lucas lamp. Althougn you are more apt to see Tom splitting the lanes around Richfield, Minn., his bike is anything but a low miler as a summer vacation led Tom all the way down to New Mexico with a return 1oop through Colorado. We know it gets down and the trip proved the bike could.

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